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Complex Total Knee Replacement- TKR


A complex primary total knee replacement is a surgical procedure during which the knee joint is replaced with a prosthetic, or artificial, knee joint often made from metal and plastic. This type of surgery is often carried out in cases of severe arthritis.

More about Total knee Replacement

Most patients requiring this kind of surgery need it because they’re experiencing major problems within their knee joint. This could be due to a major loss of bone due to arthritis or a bone fracture, or a significant deformity of the bones within the knee.

A complex primary total knee replacement is also sometimes performed on patients with weakened knee ligaments that are leading to knee instability.

Complex primary total knee replacement surgery is used in patients with severe arthritis that is significantly affecting their quality of life and ability to move around, causing severe pain and discomfort.

It’s a more complex surgery than a total prosthetic replacement of the knee joint and often involves the use of a longer stemmed prosthetic that is fixed more deeply into the thigh and shin bones to provide more stability.

It may also involve a procedure called an osteotomy, where the shin bone is surgically cut and realigned so that your knee is no longer bearing your weight

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re experiencing extreme knee pain that makes it difficult to move or perform everyday activities and alternative treatments haven’t helped, speak to your GP about the possibility of undergoing complex primary total knee replacement surgery.

Dr. Basavaraj C M- Best Orthopedic Surgeon

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