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Excellent and Outstanding service from Dr. Basavaraj and team. Highly professional and devoted. Created cordial atmosphere and treated like family. Highly recommended.Amazing postoperative follow ups. I highly recommend Dr Basvaraj to anyone looking for an orthopaedician.
Naveen BS
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One of the best surgeons I have came across. Before, the patient was not able to walk , almost bedridden condition was there. I aome across Dr Basavaraj he did both leg joint replacements in the gap of 3 months. Been years since the surgery, Walking normal and perfectly without any pain. Would highly recommend this doctor
shrikantha Acharya
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Dr. Basavaraj is a very rich experienced noble, friendly, down to earth and a trusted advisor, whom you can blindly trust. Two years back my father had met with an accident of a major Leg injury and I had reached him with the Problem statement and handed over my Father to him. My Father was taken care by him with great responsibility by overcoming all the challenges and surgery was very successful.
Sudheer Ns
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Dr Basavaraj has been very friendly natured person. Conversation with him in regard to my mother's surgery felt me so relaxed as if I guaranteed on her good health and safe surgery. His clarity and transperancy has transformed our mind set from critical situation to be as normal, easy taking and accepting mind set. Now my mother is confident of her changed situation and happy on the progress. Thanks to him and his team.
Nagesh Vasuprakash
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12 years ago i got a traumatic injury in middle finger of right hand the main injury Tendon cut then i went through surgery K-wire fixation in other hospital in bangalore then i got recovered, later on after some years i got swelling associated with pain for same finger repeatedly so i consulted DR.BASVARAJ ortho department BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals then DR.Basvaraj found that there was a foreign body around (2mm) in the finger, even though i went to other hospitals after taking x-ray they didn't find the foreign body in my finger. Then with consultation of Dr.Basvaraj they found and removed that foreign body successfully , thank you i ll always be greatful BGS and team.
kavitha ms
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I took my 80 years old father who was chair bound for 2 yrs to Dr. Basvaraj CM for consultation regarding his severe hip pain. Dr saw his reports and diagnosed it as Osteoarthritis.Talking to him we were impressed that he is polite, humble and willingness to listen to us. He advised us to go in for a Total Hip replacement. Our family felt at ease and confident and took the decision to go in for surgery under his hands. After surgery as promised my dad was made to walk the same day which was impressive! He pays attention to details which we noticed during the process of the treatment. Amazing postoperative follow ups. I highly recommend Dr Basvaraj to anyone looking for an orthopaedician.
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