Not all knee or joint pain requires surgery

Best Orthopaedic Surgeon in RR Nagar Bangalore Dr Basavaraj CM

Yes, in today’s scenario the number of joint replacement surgery have increased and at the same time, the number of patients benefitting from this joint replacement surgery has also increased.  But it does not mean that all types of knees or joint pain are recommended for joint replacement surgery. Before concluding on anything, let’s understand […]

Rapid Rehab Program

Rapid Rehab means that you will be given medications during surgery that allow you to get out of bed (four to six hours) after surgery and start moving around with minimal pain. Rapid Rehab medications are very good at reducing your pain after surgery which means you can tolerate walking and doing your exercises sooner […]

Joint replacement surgery-facts you need to know

Osteoarthritis commonly known as wear & tear of joints, cause of which is not known. Various factors which have been implicated are genetics, obesity, previous fractures around joints. Osteoarthritis predominantly affects knee joints in Indian subcontinent people where as in caucasians it affects both hip and knees. Joint replacement surgery is becoming popular in India. […]

What are the risks of Total hip replacement?

Total hip replacement is considered to be the most successful operation of the 20th century. It carries a success rate  of 96-98 %. However there are some risks(although rare), which are infection(1%), deep vein thrombosis (normally blood does not clot with in our body, but following surgeries blood can clot within the blood vessels of […]

An article published in the newspaper regarding successful complex revision hip replacement

October 14, 2016, Bangalore, India: BGS Global Hospitals, super specialty quaternary care center, successfully performed a complex revision hip replacement surgery, benefitting the quality of life of a 52 year old woman from Kenya. The surgery was led by Dr. Basavaraj C.M. <xxx>, aged 52, was born with a dislocated hip joint. She underwent multiple correction […]

Leaving the Hospital after Total Hip or Knee Replacement

Before you have surgery, you need to make plans for where you will be going once you leave the hospital. When you leave the hospital, you will likely be able to: Walk with a walker or crutches 50 to 100 feet. Maintain any weight bearing restriction ordered by your physician. Get in and out of […]

Joint Replacement Procedures and Expected Hospital Stays

Knee Replacement: Total knee replacement/arthroplasty (TKR, TKA): Both weight bearing surfaces of the knee are resurfaced with possible resurfacing of the patella (kneecap). Expected time in the hospital: 5-days Partial knee replacement/arthroplasty (also called medial uni-compartmental or lateral uni-compartmental): Only the part of the knee that is diseased is resurfaced and the part of the knee that […]

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