An article published in the newspaper regarding successful complex revision hip replacement

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October 14, 2016, Bangalore, India: BGS Global Hospitals, super specialty quaternary care center, successfully performed a complex revision hip replacement surgery, benefitting the quality of life of a 52 year old woman from Kenya. The surgery was led by Dr. Basavaraj C.M.

<xxx>, aged 52, was born with a dislocated hip joint. She underwent multiple correction surgeries through the years. In 1997, she underwent a primary hip replacement surgery which was met with a few hurdles. She had to go into surgery 4 times resulting in complete bed rest for 5 full months. The surgery did not solve the issue at hand, causing limping and discomfort. In 2007, she met with a road accident that caused a fracture adjacent to the replaced hip. This was eventually fixed, though it left her in extreme pain, thereby affecting her ability to walk freely. At this point xxx decided to go in for a revision surgery and enquired at a few medical facilities in the UK and US. Quoting the high cost of surgeries in these countries, xxx reached out to BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital in Bangalore. Her research suggested that BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital carried out these surgeries at a fraction of the cost while not compromising on the quality of care or the quality of implants used in the surgery.

The patient presented with severe damage to the bone in the hip socket. She was short by 2 inches in one leg, causing a prominent limp. She was experiencing extreme pain and was regularly on painkillers to manage it.

The team at BGS Global Hospital, led by Dr. Basavaraj C.M, successfully completed the revision surgery, by reconstructing the missing bone, using prosthesis made of a tantalum element, that has the advantage of being 80% porous, ceramic hip bearing and techniques such as allograft. With a well defined surgical plan, they were able to tackle the core issue as well as the short limb. The patient is now completely pain free, and she has now regained her limb length.

Commenting on the case, Dr. Basavaraj C.M , Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, BGS Global Hospital said, “Although Hip and Knee Joint Replacement surgery is very successful, there continues to be a need for Revision Joint Replacement Surgery in cases where the prosthesis has loosened, the bearing surfaces have worn, or a patient has sustained trauma with associated fracture adjacent to the hip or knee joint. These procedures can be quite involved and require experience in dealing with the complex issues that arise intra operatively.”

In revision surgeries, one has to remove existing implants without causing damage to the natural bone, compensate for the defects that arise while removing the implants and actively take precautionary measures to avoid infections that may be triggered during the long duration of the surgery.

BGS Global Hospital also specializes in rapid rehabilitation following joint replacement surgery. This is relatively new concept that is significantly improving patients’ experience with having total knee and total hip replacement surgery. With this technique that is now seeing patients undergo joint replacement surgery with significantly less pain, superior comfort and accelerated recovery rates with significantly reduced times required in hospital and a quicker return to normal function.

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